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1st Week has been gone already!

There are what we have been doing for the first week.

YouTube Video Making
1st Week
Introduction – ppt

Introducing how YouTube has changed this world and
how much influential to our society it is.
Introducing YouTube content ideas (examples):
Muck-bang, Contents Review(reaction), Introducing my country, Interviewing, Short dramas. Skits...etc.
What is the process of video making?
planning – script writing – video shooting – editing – publish 
Planning for discussion & Scriptwriting – Worksheet 
Work as a team (one-class) 
1. What kind of videos do you guys want to take.
2. Preparations for your video.
3. Detailed contents for your video 
4. Writing a script together

Fun Science (high)
1st week
Students learned about the physics of sound waves. Pitch, frequency, and how they relate to musical notes

Project: Students constructed their own musical instruments out of straws. 
Straws will be tuned to the chromatic scale.

1st week
Students learned about volcanoes, magma vs. lava, and how volcanoes form.

Project: In groups, students began making their volcano models out of paper 
mache. In this first week they made the shape of their volcano and it will be 
painted in the second week.

1st week
Students learned about acids, bases, and pH. Demonstrated how they affect other 
compounds, and what happens when they mix.

Project: Test different solutions. Students used pH testing strips to 
determine the pH of different things they could find around their house. 
Then students learned how to conduct an experiment with vinegar and 
baking soda.

Fun Science (low)

1st week
Students learned about density. Demonstrates what density is and why high density objects sink into the water. Leaned liquids are not mixed if they have different density.

Project: Project: “Standing on The Plate“ Game: try to stand on the small plate as many people as possible/Compare a small group and a big group standing on the same size of the plate. Students played the game to understand what density is. Big group means High density/heavy, small Group means low density/light.

“Rainbow in A Jar” experiment: using 5 of colored liquids that have different density of sugar, students made their own rainbow in the glass tube after making the prediction of the result.


Board Game


-Various Board Games

-Origins of board games : Egyptian historical research...

-What you have to consider for making board game : game setting (Background story or Theme), various components such as dice, game rule, testing if the game actually works in balance...etc.

-Introducing several possible options of board game making kits.

Planning for discussion & Scriptwriting – Worksheet

Work as a team (one-class)


1. What kind of videos do you guys want to take.

2. Preparations for your video.

3. Detailed contents for your video

4. Writing a script together

Thinking about the social and global issues we are facing, students made their own newspaper to report the issues they have found. 

Robot vs Human
What happens if robots take places of human being in our socitey?
Convenient? or Risky?


Learning English songs with fun moves/ Learning about what musical theatre is. 
Students learned the song, "When I Grow Up" from the musical Matilda while brainstorming what they want to be in the future.


Using the famous children's tale, “The Ugly Duck,” students have practiced the skit in natural intonation and pronunciation of English speaking.  

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